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What is is the online home of divrei Torah -- inspirational and thought-provoking articles based on an aspect of Torah. This site is a resource for finding interesting material, whether for an educator, or for a layperson looking for an interesting discussion over a Shabbat table. It is also an easy way to share your own thoughts and divrei Torah with the greater Jewish community.

Why "seventy faces"?

There is a famous phrase in the Talmud: שבעים פנים לתורה, "Shiv'im Panim LaTorah", that the Torah has "seventy faces". Classically, this is a reflection of the myriad ways in which a single verse can be interpreted: superficially (pshat), exegetically (drash), mystically, historically, etc. Metaphorically, shiv'im panim laTorah can mean that each person is reflected in the Torah, and each person's "take" on the Torah can be of interest to the other faces in the community. This site is an attempt to bring those faces and those interactions together in a single place.

Who is behind is not affiliated with any particular organization or movement. It was created because the new community-based technologies on the web are simply too compelling not to apply to one of the oldest communities in history. For specific questions, you may contact

Do I need to be a rabbi to contribute?

No. Anyone with an interesting dvar Torah is welcome to post it on the site. You may choose to include basic biographical information in your profile so that your readers know a little more about you.

How is supported?

The site is currently privately funded. Very soon, we hope to have the ability for organizations to create, quickly and easily, customized versions of the site for their constituents, which will support further growth. You may contact for more information.


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