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Being Carbon Nuetral plus one regarding our sins

News story and Rambam

Carbon Nuetral sins and mitzvot
Oxford dictionary undergoes climate change on new words
By Kate Schuman Associated Press
September 23, 2007
Carbon footprint, green audit and Chelsea tractor are among the raft of environmental terms being added to the latest Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, published Thursday in the United States and Britain.In the new edition, "carbon footprint" is defined as the amount of greenhouse gas emissions an individual is responsible for, while a "green audit" is an inspection of a company to define its impact on the environment. "Chelsea tractor" is a British slang term for a gas- guzzling sport-utility vehicle.
The additions also include "carbon-neutral,"
achieving a zero level of carbon dioxide emissions, and "emissions trading," selling or buying permits handed to nations or businesses to emit a certain level of carbon dioxide.

Rabbi reflects: In the beginning of the third chapter of Hilchot Teshuva (listen to audio for precise citation), the Rambam (Rabbi Moshe Maimonides, Spain-Egypt, 1135-1204) describes the famous notion of the "account" that each person has of Misvot and sins. A person whose Misvot exceed his sins is deemed a Sadik (righteous person), whereas one whose sins outweigh his Misvot has the status of a Rasha (wicked person), Heaven forbid. One whose sins and Misvot are equivalent is considered a Benoni ("middle" person). On Rosh Hashanah, the Rambam writes, every person's merits are weighed against his sins, and if his merits outweigh his sins he is sentenced to life; if his sins exceed his merits, then he is sentenced to death, Heaven forbid. If he is perfectly balanced between merits and sins, then his sentence is suspended until Yom Kippur.

The Rambam adds that this categorization applies to nations, as well: a nation whose merits outweigh their sins is deemed a righteous nation and is sentenced for life, while a nation whose sins exceed its good deeds is considered wicked and sentenced to destruction. Moreover, the Rambam writes, the entirety of mankind is also subject to this judgment. If the world's sins exceed its merits, then it is sentenced to destruction, Heaven forbid.

Point: we should be at least carbon nuetral in our sins and mitzvot, then do one mitzvah to tip balance.

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