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My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - Vayigash (2)

The climactic revelation by Joseph to his brothers in Parshah Va-Yiggash includes an innocent question that actually raises some issues. “I am Joseph,” he declares. “Is my father still well?” (Gen. 45:3) He’s now been the most powerful man in Egypt for several years and he hasn’t tried to let Jacob know he’s alive and well? Yes, it would spoil his plot against his brothers, but can’t he imagine how much Jacob must have suffered thinking he’s dead? Our Etz Hayyim commentary notes that when Jacob was toiling for Laban for all those years, the Torah doesn’t record any messages he sent back to his parents. Granted this is in the days before text messaging, e-mail, or – for that matter – regular mail. We don’t have that excuse today. If you can’t recall the last time you spoke to your parents, give them a call. If your parents are gone but you have adult children you haven’t heard from in a while, don’t wait for them. Take the initiative. It shouldn’t take a miracle for parents and children to stay in touch.


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Daniel M. Kimmel is a Boston area film critic, lecturer and author. He does these weekly mini-lessons for the Mishkan Tefila Brotherhood's newsletter. You are free to use them for similar purposes.

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