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Dreams, Clothes

When Joseph is young, in his father's house, and he dreams and tells his brothers and father of these dreams, Joseph's father gives him a special coat.

Later, Joseph is sent to interpret Pharaoh's dream. Joseph changed his garments to prepare for the dream-meeting. And after Joseph delivers his interpretation, Pharaoh arrayed Joseph in garments of fine linen, and put a gold chain around his neck.

Dreams and clothes come together.

Dreams and clothes both come from the world of symbol.

Dreams are meanings waiting to be deciphered. Clothes are patches of cloth that signify (think of fashion).

Clothing is a symbol in the external world. Dreams are a symbol in the internal world.

If clothes and dreams are linked, then they are two parts of a whole.

Now think of tzitzit.

You must put tzitzit—specially-tied strings—on your clothes. They are a reminder to follow God, and to not follow after your heart and after your eyes, after which you stray.

Your inner world and your outer world are joined. Your eyes and your heart come together.

Just as your clothes and your dreams come together.

If the outer world and the inner world are joined, the tzitzit say, then the external life must guide the inner life: the heart and the eyes guided by the stringing of cloth.

You must shape the realm of cloth to guide the space where dreams live.



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