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In God’s History Lies Forgiveness

Joseph’s brothers cast him down into a pit. From there he is stolen and sold into slavery in Egypt. In Egypt he is sentenced for a crime he does not commit. He lives in prison.

Later, in a twist of fate, Joseph becomes ruler over all of Egypt.

As ruler over Egypt, Joseph sustains his brothers, and his father, and all the people of that land through seven lean years of brutal famine.

Later, Joseph forgives his brothers; though they have caused him suffering.

Joseph says to them: You…thought evil against me; but God meant it for good: to bring it to pass… this day that many people should be saved alive.

Joseph looks at the world and does not see the world.

Joseph looks at the world and sees God’s will, revealing itself through the world.

Joseph looks at his brothers but does not see his brothers. He sees emissaries of God’s will.

You…thought evil against me, Joseph says to his brothers: but God meant it for good.

And so Joseph’s own suffering cannot cripple him.

And so though Joseph has suffered, he can forgive.



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