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My video divrei Torah on Exodus from youtube Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

Exodus (Shmot)ShmotIntro to the book of Shmote Exodus JewU336Parasha Shmote Exodus ch.1 13/54 JewU327VaeraParshat Vaera in Exodus 14/54 JewU333BoParashat Bo 15/54 Exodus 10 JewU340BishalahIs the Exodus from slavery true Shmot 13/54 JewU314YitroTen Commandments JewU 22MishpatimParashat Mishpatim 18/54 Ex. 21 JewU 356Capital Punishment Death Penalty from a Jewish View JewU 54Abortion from a Jewish perspective JewU 53TrumahParashat Trumah 19/54 Building the Sanctuary JewU 358TetzavehParasha Tetzaveh Exodus 27 Ner Tamid Priests JewU 365Oh God light my fire-the ner tamid in Judaism JewU 371Clothes make the man-what the High Priest wore JewU 370Kee TeesaParashat kee Teesa shekel golden calf forgiveness JewU373VayakhelParashat Vayakhel 22/54 Shabbat rest/giving/ JewU 378PikudeiTorah is the coach JewU 387Parashat Pikudei ends Exodus JewU 385


Jonathan Ginsburg

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Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg and hs wife Rabbi Avigail Ginsburg, have developed amny online jewih eductional programs including conversio to Judaism, hebrew scool, bnai mitzvah training, para rabbis, Introduction to Judaism, and Judaism explained to Christians. He has developed over 550 videos of...

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Manny Jacobowitz

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Manny and his two kids are members of Congregation Beth Shalom. He approaches Torah as an actor and lawyer, looking for character motivation.

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