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Sefer Shmot

Sh'mot - A Nameless Man Meets A Nameless G-d

What was Moses' name? Duh, Moses, right? Not so fast. Moses was the name given by Pharaoh's daughter -- but what did his parents call him? We never find out. For that matter, what are his parent's names? His whole family is nameless at first. Even Miriam is not named in this parsha. ...

Facinating Fire

My son is fascinated by fire. He pretends to light Shabbat candles using his toy candlesticks, and every time he passes by the spot where we store our hanukiot, our menorahs, he points to them and says "fire. Don't touch. Very hot." Yet the potential danger doesn't deter him from climbing up on a...

Torah of the Moment

The deepest Torah I can think in this very moment is that Mt . Sinai is not just an event in the past but that it refers to the constant transmission of Torah through the highest source in heaven to the lowest creature in the planet and that the idea of Mt. Sinai is happening now. This does not mean...

My video divrei Torah on Exodus from youtube Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

Exodus (Shmot)ShmotIntro to the book of Shmote Exodus JewU336Parasha Shmote Exodus ch.1 13/54 JewU327VaeraParshat Vaera in Exodus 14/54 JewU333BoParashat Bo 15/54 Exodus 10 JewU340BishalahIs the Exodus from slavery true Shmot 13/54 JewU314YitroTen Commandments JewU 22MishpatimParashat Mishpatim...

Real to God

i God frees the Children of Israel from Egypt by means of Plagues and Signs: in which a staff becomes a serpent, and water becomes blood, and land becomes lice. These miracles prove the fixed world to be more changeable than it would seem to be. * God frees the Children of Israel, largely,...

The Beginning of Wisdom is the Fear of the Lord

i Joseph, who interprets dreams, proclaims God as the source of his understanding of dreams. Joseph says: <em>Do not interpretations belong to God?</em> * The Pharaoh of Joseph's day says to him: <em>Since God has made all of this known to you, there is none so...wise as...


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