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The Beginning of Wisdom is the Fear of the Lord

Joseph, who interprets dreams, proclaims God as the source of his understanding of dreams.

Joseph says: Do not interpretations belong to God?

The Pharaoh of Joseph's day says to him: Since God has made all of this known to you, there is none so...wise as you.

Later, a new Pharaoh arises. That Pharaoh did not know Joseph. That Pharaoh also says: I know not the Lord.

That Pharaoh enslaves the Children of Israel, announcing: Come, let us deal wisely.

Joseph's wisdom comes from knowing God.

The Pharaoh who enslaves the Children of Israel is also wise. His wisdom comes from refusing to know God.

One wisdom is good. The other is evil.

The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord, King Solomon said--setting a clear pathway for us; setting a clear way to choose between Pharaoh and Joseph.

Based largely on Rabbi Shlomo Dov Rosen's lectures on the Book of Mishlei. To hear Rabbi Rosen's lectures, go to</em


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