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Real to God

God frees the Children of Israel from Egypt by means of Plagues and Signs: in which a staff becomes a serpent, and water becomes blood, and land becomes lice.

These miracles prove the fixed world to be more changeable than it would seem to be.

God frees the Children of Israel, largely, on account of the Covenant. God remembered His Covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob: and He sends Moses to free Israel.

And so while God changes the nature of the world, the Covenant lasts.

Slavery requires a captivity with no way of exit. So slavery is only as real as the bonds that hold it in place.

The bonds that are the world of Egypt prove to be fictions: God changes that world at His whim.

But the Truth of God's Covenant remains constant.

So, in this light, God does not so much free the Children of Israel.

He simply reveals that slavery was never really there in the first place.

For slavery is a fiction with God.


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Abe Mezrich is a new-York based writer and lecturer, and the author of a weekly dvar Torah. Contact him at amezrich@gmail.com.

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