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Esther D. Kustanowitz


Nephew Gil and the Mystery of the Missing Challah

When my nephew Gil was 3, the first night of Passover fell on a Saturday night. This meant that the house had to be free of all leavened bread before we lit Shabbat candles on Friday night, even though it was - technically - not yet Passover. If you think this is complicated for adults, you should...

Going "Off the Record" for the High Holy Days

<i>This article originally appeared in the NY Jewish Week.</i> It usually happens at social gatherings. Someone says, "I've got an unbelievable story for you." I take out pen and paper and begin writing. Then, at the most interesting part, the person stops and says "you're not going to write...

Vayetze Baby Wars - G-dcast

Earlier this year, I recorded a G-dcast on Parshat Vayetze. What's a G-dcast? G-dcast: a weekly cartoon about the story Jews are reading in the Torah right now. A different writer tells the parsha in 4 minutes: some are stories, others are country songs or hip hop! Then we animate it. Whether...


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The author is a Zoologist with an advanced degree in Endangered Species Management. Though her passion is Conservation, she lectures all over the United States on topics that meld Torah with scientific concepts, especially those pertaining to animals.

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