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Sleepless in Persia

Originally written the shabbat before Purim 2011/5771 - but please - let's spread this far and wide so it has time to circulate by next purim- something to consider, to incorporate... Discuss, respond, comment, but mostly, if you want and would, please pass along... been contemplating this for a...

Purim: Revelling in Revealing

 Purim revolves around the revelation of the hidden. After all, the core text we read during Purim is the Megillah. A word which shares its root with 'gilui' revelation. There is an ecstacy, a joy that comes with the dramatic disclosure of Truth. Torah itself is the revelation of an otherwise...

A Book By Any Other Cover

Don't judge a book by its cover. Or by the costume it wears. If we didn't know better, we might think Purim was a frivolous holiday. It is not as strict as Shabbat or the major holidays, so live music, driving and texting (not at the same time please) are permitted. Plus, we do many things that we...

My video divrei Torah on Purim by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg


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