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Wake-up Calls

Periodically, Uriel (my 3-year old son) will bring me our shofar (usually during breakfast) and ask me to blow it. Sometimes, I refuse. Sometimes I am indulgent. If I fail to blow well and it comes out sounding like a dying goose, he laughs at me and my funny sounds. If the shofar sound comes out...

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'Var Torah) -- Re'eh

Parshah Re'eh opens with what may be the most important verse in the Torah for modern Jews: "See, this day I set before you blessing and curse." (Deut. 11:26). Moses is trying to persuade the Israelites to do the right thing (i.e., follow God's commands) and to warn them of the consequence if they...

Temporary Housing

As I prepare for the holiday of Sukkot, and I prepare to tell managers & coworkers why I'm taking yet another two days off in the middle of the week, and then another two days a week later, I have been trying to come up with a good explanation for the thing I've been building in my backyard. The...

A Need-To-Know Basis

Parshat Re'eh starts out with a brief description of a strange ceremony we'll encounter later in Devarim: The blessings and the curses atop Mount Gerizim and Mount Eval, respectively. (The latter's English homophone, "Evil", is probably unrelated). But having whetted our apetite with a preview,...

Unity in the Face of Tragedy

There was one picture that did it for me this week; one scene which moved me the most. It was the picture on the front page of some of our local papers. It was the picture of a young girl being carried to safety by a rescue worker, and while she is being carried away, the young girl is reaching...


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