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Wedding / Anniversary

My video divrei Torah on weddings by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

Writing Your Own Torah - On Your Wedding Day and Every Day

One of the 613 mitzvot, in fact the last of the 613, is that every Jew should write a copy of the Torah. It is derived from the passage in Parshat Vayelech that says “V’atem kitvu lachem et hashira hazot” – “So now, write this song for yourselves.” Our sages derive from this verse that every Jew...


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Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner

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Rabbi Dov Lerner has served congregations since 1970, ordained by The Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He is currently the President of the Family Foundation For Education, Inc. 501c3, which maintains a website for the distribution of materials without fee, especially Haggadot in...

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Geoffrey Gilbert

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Geoffrey Gilbert works as a development consultant in Los Angeles. Most of his work involves working with local governments to find ways to end the problem of homelessness. He was trained as a sociologist (Ph.D. UC, Berkeley) and many of his interpretations rely heavily upon his academic studies. ...

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