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Wedding / Anniversary

My video divrei Torah on weddings by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

Writing Your Own Torah - On Your Wedding Day and Every Day

One of the 613 mitzvot, in fact the last of the 613, is that every Jew should write a copy of the Torah. It is derived from the passage in Parshat Vayelech that says “V’atem kitvu lachem et hashira hazot” – “So now, write this song for yourselves.” Our sages derive from this verse that every Jew...


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Suzanne Brody

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Suzanne Brody is a rabbinical student at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies of the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, CA. A graduate of Wellesley College, Dr. Brody received her PhD in neuroscience from UCSD (The University of California – San Diego), where she did research on the...

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Reb Eliahu is a fulltime Jewish Chaplain for the State of California reaching out to Jewish patients and inmates in State Hospitals and correctional institutions. He is the founder of the Berkeley Jewish Writers Group and Rabbi Nachman's Study Circle. He is the author of A Mystical Haggadah:...

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