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Wedding / Anniversary

My video divrei Torah on weddings by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

Writing Your Own Torah - On Your Wedding Day and Every Day

One of the 613 mitzvot, in fact the last of the 613, is that every Jew should write a copy of the Torah. It is derived from the passage in Parshat Vayelech that says “V’atem kitvu lachem et hashira hazot” – “So now, write this song for yourselves.” Our sages derive from this verse that every Jew...


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Al Kustanowitz

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Al Kustanowitz is a speaker, lecturer, and entertainer in the field of Jewish humor. He is the author of nine books on Jewish humor and Blogger-in-Chief at Jewish Humor Central. He is the Aba of three extremely talented children and the Saba of five brilliant (and cute) grandchildren. Start every...

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Chaim Ehrlich

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Chaim Ehrlich is first and foremost a proud Jew who is passionate about learning and teaching dynamic Torah. Chaim leins, davens, teaches Barmitzvah and engages with the community on a philosophical and challenging level - encouraging connection and stimulating growth. Chaim is also a Brand...

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