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In 1961, I was returning from my first trip to Israel. At JFK at that time, there was a balcony, with a glass wall, from which people could watch arriving passengers go through customs. My father z”l, the traditional conservative rabbi, watched as I went through the required interrogation. I was...

Welcoming Visitors in the Synagogue

This Sukkot, we had the honor of hosting a relative who happens to be an esteemed rabbi and scholar. On the first day he wanted to get to shul at the start of services, a goal that I strongly support but don’t often achieve. So I sent him off, with etrog and lulav in hand, and a plan to connect a...


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Chaim Ehrlich

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Chaim Ehrlich is first and foremost a proud Jew who is passionate about learning and teaching dynamic Torah. Chaim leins, davens, teaches Barmitzvah and engages with the community on a philosophical and challenging level - encouraging connection and stimulating growth. Chaim is also a Brand...

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