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Of Pharaohs and Faith

I was at a beautiful wedding this past week. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a lovely young couple - obviously deeply in love - celebrating the beginning of the creation of a new Jewish home together. They were surrounded by family and friends who had come from as far away as Australia...

Parshat Vaera: Walkthrough

Then God spoke to Moses, reintroducing Himself as the God of Avraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whom He had promised the last [apparently, He was still trying to sound out the best answer to Moses’s question of what to tell the Israelites when they ask who sent him]. “Tell the Israelites”, God says,...

Getting Used To It

One of the quirks of the human personality (and an essential tool of our survival) is the ability to get used to almost anything. If a human being loses their legs, their sight, their hearing, they can adapt and compensate with their other abilities to a degree that would amaze those of us with all...

My video divrei Torah on this parasha from youtube Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

vayishla Jacob wrestles and gets renamed Israel JewU285 God was on Jacob's side as Jacob wrestlesd himself JewU292

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - Va'era (2)

“Let My people go!” is probably one of Moses’s most quoted statements but, like “Play it again, Sam” or “Come up and see me sometime,” it’s actually a misquote. When God instructs Moses what to say to Pharaoh, He actually does tell him to use that phrase, but never by itself. In Parshah Va-Era God...

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - Va'era

With all the action going on with the plagues you might gloss over Exodus chapter 6, verses 6-8 in this week's Parshah Va-era. That would be a mistake. God tells Moses that He is ready to enforce his covenant with the Israelites: "I will free you... and deliver you... I will redeem you... I will...


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