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Do Not Leave Your Doorway Until The Morning

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Israel occurred on Shabbat morning. After davening at the Kotel we went to look for my cousin who studies in a Yeshiva in the Old City. Turns out he was davening in the recently renovated Churvah synagogue which is located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old...

And So It Was, At The Stroke of Midnight

We read in the Hagaddah (and in Parshat Bo), that Makat Bechorot (the plague known as the Death of the Firstborn) happened "bachatzi halaila", or roughly translated, "at the stroke of midnight". Not "be'emtza halayla" (meaning in the middle of the night") or "balaila" (meaning "at night"), but...

Heart of Darkness

Although the plagues inflicted by God against the cruel but hapless Egyptians inflicted great material damage (and great death in the massacre of the first-born), their primary impact was psychological and psycho-theological. Consider the final three plagues: Locusts Darkness First-Born What...

My video divrei Torah on parasha Bo from Youtube.com by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

Parashat Bo 15/54 Exodus 10 JewU340

My video divrei Torah on parasha vaera from youtube Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

Parshat Vaera in Exodus 14/54 JewU333

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - Bo (2)

People in administrative positions get lots of advice and then have to make the hard decisions themselves. In Parshah Bo we get a good example of not heeding good advice when Pharaoh ignores his courtiers before the eighth plague. One would think the message got through by now, but Pharaoh's...

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - Bo

There’s a moment in this week’s Parshah Bo that is easy to read quickly but ought to provoke much discussion. Right after the killing of the first born and Pharaoh’s release of the Israelites we read, “The Egyptians urged the people on, impatient to have them leave the country, for they said, ‘We...


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