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Defeating Evil: Thoughts on the Arizona Massacre

One week ago we saw an act of pure evil in the world. When we hear of such an act it is often emotionally devastating and depressing. We are all affected by it. I want to share with you some thoughts about how we can respond to that terrible act in a spiritual manner. The murderer in Arizona...


My daughter - Rinat Miryam - was born on Shabbat morning, February 7, 2004. That Shabbat, we happened to read Beshalac this week's portion -- which includes the the Song of the Sea, sung by the Israelites after being saved from the Egyptians by the splitting of said sea. The week when it is read is...

Parshat Beshalach: Walkthrough

And so it was, when Pharaoh [finally] let the people go, God pointedly did not take them on the Phillistine Highway (which would have been the fastest way into Canaan), because he thought that the minute they had any kind of confrontation, they would hightail it back to Egypt. So instead, God...

My video divrei Torah on parasha Beshalach at by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

Is the Exodus from slavery true Shmot 13/54 JewU314

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - B'shalach (2)

There's a bit of unexpected sarcasm in Parshah B'Shallach, which doesn't put the Israelites in the best of lights. Moses has led them out of Egypt but Pharaoh's army is in pursuit. When they're close enough to be seen, we're told the Israelites complained to Moses, "Was it for want of graves in...

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - B'shalach

The Israelites are getting ready to leave Egypt after 400 years, much of it as slaves. And what does Moses do? According to Parshah B’Shalach, “And Moses took with him the bones of Joseph, who had exacted an oath from the children of Israel, saying, ‘God will be sure to take notice of you: then...


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