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Parshat Vayakhel: Walkthrough

[This is largely a recapping of Parshat Teruma. Rather than repeat all the detail, readers are encouraged to flip back to the description there, and consult a word-by-word translation to explore any differences between the two versions.] Moses got the Israelites together and told them: “These...

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

In the laws of Torah Reading (Code of Jewish Law, Way of Life 147:1), R. Moshe Isserles, the famed Ashkenazic rabbi and Halachic decisor, comments that one should not use an 'old' item in order to cover or dress a Torah scroll. In other words, it's not appropriate to use an old t-shirt for a Torah...

Seder Tidbits Part 1

In 21st century America, it is no secret that the majority of Jews are deeply assimilated. By assimilated, I mean that they have chosen to identify and associate with 'American' modes of thought and behavior, rather than Jewish ones, and that they have done so willingly. The consequences of this...

My video divrei Torah on parasha vayakel from by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

Parashat Vayakhel 22/54 Shabbat rest/giving/ JewU 378

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - Vayakhel

In Parashah Vayakhel we’re told, “You shall kindle no fire throughout your settlements on the Sabbath day.” (Exod. 35:3). For many Jews today, it is a struggle to make Shabbat a separate day as it was intended. Although many Conservative Jews do not consider turning on electric lights to be the...

7 Lbs, 6 Oz, and 50 Cubits

Tonight, in honor of our Shalom Zachar for the son born to Penina & myself this past Wednesday morning, I wanted to find something in the parsha that would be interesting to talk about, and relevant to my newfound role as father of 2 sons. But then I realized it was Parshat Terumah. Parshat...


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