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My video divrei Torah on parasha Tzav from by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - Tzav

The Torah is a document that can very terse on some matters and go into tremendous detail on others. One would think the priests didn’t need to be told to throw out the ashes from yesterday’s sacrifices, yet in Parshah Tzav that’s precisely what they are told: “He shall then take off his vestments...


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Rabbi Mark Hyman

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Rabbi of Congregation Tikvat Jacob, Manhattan Beach, California since 1987. Studied Hebrew and Rabbinics at UCLA, Hebrew University, JTS Rabbinical School, Unoversity of Judaism, Los Angeles. Ordained at Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies. Owner-Manager of Shalom Travel Consultants

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Rabbi Avi Heller

Joined: July 27, 2007

Originally from Denver CO, Rav Avi received a BA from BU and Rabbinic ordination and an MA in Bible from YU. Before joining MJE, he was Director of Jewish Education at BU Hillel, co-directed the BU Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus and was an Associate University Chaplain. He has been the...

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