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My video divrei Torah on parasha mazora from Youtube.com by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

Same as tazria video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6uUA3VABqE

Tazria/Metzora 5768/2008: “Human Boundaries and Inclusion”

© Rabbi Menachem Creditor Every year the weeks leading up to Pesach include the Torah portions Tazria and Metzora, which enumerate many rules regarding ritual fitness surrounding such bodily experiences as skin ailments and childbirth. The rules for the ‘Metzora’, the person afflicted by a...

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - Metzorah

Parshah Metzorah continues with the rituals regarding impurities, making for less than edifying reading. Even if we acknowledge that "impure" is not the same as "unclean" or "evil," and refers to a ritual status, it still seems to have little to do with our lives. Thus it helps to think about what...


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Esther D. Kustanowitz is a writer, editor and social media consultant based in Los Angeles. She has many Dvar Torah writers in her family, and she can't wait to read contributions from Divrei Torah: The Next Generation (two nephews and a niece).

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