September 25, 2021 |

Achrei Mot


I heard a story in the name of the acclaimed Israeli psychologist Haim Ginott about a woman who won the teacher-of-the-year award. She was celebrated for her excellent pedagogy, her lesson plans and her students' test scores. A week after all the pomp and circumstance, she found two students outside...

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - Ahahrei Mot/Kedoshim

The prohibition against the consumption of blood is clear and unambiguous, as we see in this week's double portion Aharei Mot/Kedoshim. "Therefore I say to the Israelite people: No person among you shall partake of blood, nor shall the stranger who resides among you partake of blood." (Lev. 17:12)....

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - Shabbat HaGadol

This Saturday is Shabbat Ha-Gadol, the Shabbat just prior to Pesach which starts Saturday evening. The Haftarah for Shabbat Ha-Gadol is from the prophet Malachi, and contains a moving statement on redemption, most appropriate for the season in which the Israelites were redeemed from slavery. "For I...


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