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I heard a story in the name of the acclaimed Israeli psychologist Haim Ginott about a woman who won the teacher-of-the-year award. She was celebrated for her excellent pedagogy, her lesson plans and her students' test scores. A week after all the pomp and circumstance, she found two students outside...

Intense and Holy

It is precisely in the intense moments of disagreement that love is tested. Parashat Acharei Mot begins amidst the immediate aftermath of the deaths of Nadav and Avihu, who brought uninvited incense-offerings upon the dedication of the Tabernacle and were themselves devoured by a "fire from God"...

My video divrei Torah on parasha kadoshim from Youtube.com by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg


My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - Kedoshim

Parshah Kedoshim is such a rich Torah reading you can do your own d'var Torah without breaking into a sweat. So let's focus on one of the more obscure verses, Lev. 19:31, which reads in part, "Do not turn to ghosts and do not inquire of familiar spirits, to be defiled by them..." This is not...


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