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Bechukotai - Shmita and Personal Responsibility

Good shabbes! In today’s parashah, it turns out that I’m worth 50 shekels. By the sanctuary weight. And my mom said I’d never amount to anything. I’ll get back to the 50 shekels, but first, some of you may know, for years, my family has been working with a children’s environmentalist group...

Add It Up

Counting is a major part of the Jewish tradition. The very first section of the Torah enumerates the seven days of creation, counting out each day and culminating in Shabbat. The Torah repeatedly counts the children of Israel, the years of the slavery in Egypt, the life spans of Biblical figures,...

The Wisdom of Chovav

Guiding well is complicated. Sometimes the best guides share their wisdom, and sometimes they provide space for trial and error on the path towards understanding. Which pedagogy do we seekers desire? And what kind of impact does a teacher's choice have on our abilities to successfully traverse...

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - B'Hukkotai

Parshah B’Hukkotai is known for its rendering of blessings followed by the “Tokhehah” (the “Reproach” or, more plainly, curses, for failing to follow the Law). As always, taking some time with a verse that might be quickly glossed over yields interesting results. The opening verse (Lev. 26:3)...


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