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Lilmod U'Lelamed (To Learn and to Teach)

There is a story told (in Kiddushin 66a[1]) about King Yannai, who was one of the Hasmonean kings of the Second Temple period (2nd century BCE). Though he had a lust for power and glory, he managed at first to have a good relationship with the Rabbis, partially due to his wife's good influence....

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - B'Midbar

Parshah B'Midbar ends on a strange note: "Do not let the Kohathite clans be cut off from the Levites." (Num. 4:18) This was a group of Levites whose job it was to carry the sacred objects from the Tent of Meeting whenever it was to be moved. Only the priests could collect them and wrap them up,...

My video divrei Torah on parasha Bamidbar from by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah)- Bamidbar

We begin the book of Bamidbar this week. It’s known in English as “Numbers,” because it opens with a census of the Israelites, or at least of the adult males. Putting aside the issue of how historically accurate the census numbers are, there’s something much more interesting going on. In Num....


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