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Mocking Birds

“Mocking Birds” Desert floor covered by quail G-d’s ironic response to ungrateful complaints. Feather’s fly as poisoned meat stuffs greedy mouths, silencing negativity forever.

Summer Lovin'

My son, Nadav, used to think that the ark in shul was the Torah's house ("is that where the Torah lives, Abba?") and that - just like we do - it comes out sometimes to go to shul. And - just like we do to each other - we hug it and kiss it when we meet. He never asked me if the Torah also gets to go...

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - Beha'alotcha

You may sometimes wonder where the rabbis get the laws that are not explicitly spelled out in the Torah. Much of it is extrapolated from what's already there. This week's Parshah Beha'Alotcha provides an example. Moses is instructed by God to have two silver trumpets made which will be used to...

My video divrei Torah on parasha Beha'alotcha by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg


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