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Korach 5771: “Trust and Care”

This week's Torah Portion, Korach, centers on a popular uprising within the Israelite community against the leadership of Moses and Aaron. Within the narrative the power of God manifests as the very earth opens a "mouth" to swallow the rebels whole. How can a healing message possibly survive this...

Members of the Tribe

As I was walking off a brisk run in Central Park last Sunday - wishing I had some kosher Gatorade[1] -- I noticed an old man behind a table polishing awards. The attractive glass plates were for the top finishers by gender in various age categories. The guy polishing them and placing them neatly on...

Korach 5769/2009: "Korach's Children"

Celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Sheila and Art Braufman Celebrating the the marriage of Eliyahu Sills and Rachel Valfer The story of Korach might not seem obvious for discussing relationships. After all, Korach and his followers, after contesting the rights of Moses and Aaron to...

My video divrei Torah on parasha Korach by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) - Korach

The Israelites are out of control in Parshah Korah, but what’s interesting is how Moses and Aaron respond. It all comes to a head after Korah and his followers fail in their rebellion while the other Israelites have become enraged. “Next day the whole Israelite community railed against Moses and...


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