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Does God Hate Us?

This week, we begin the final book of the Torah, the book of Devarim. The Rabbis often called this book Mishna Torah (not to be confused with Maimonides's work of the same name). This literally means the "reviewed teaching of the Torah" because it reiterates - albeit with some changes - many of the...

My Weekly Drash ( a mini D'var Torah) - Devarim (2)

Given the recent hearings on a Supreme Court appointment, it's interesting to come across Moses's charge to judges: "You shall not be partial in judgment; hear out high and low alike.." (Deut. 1:17). It sounds like what you may have heard at the hearings, an insistence that all litigants be treated...

My video divrei Torah on parasha Dvarim by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

My Weekly Drash (a mini D'var Torah) -- Devarim

“These are the words that Moses addressed to all Israel…” begins the first Parshah of Devarim, the final book of the Torah. Devarim consists almost entirely of the words of Moses in a series of farewell addresses. Oddly, this is the man who once tried to turn down the job on the grounds that he...

Honing the Message

Parshat Devarim starts the book of Deuteronomy, or "Second Words", which contains Moshe's final speech to the children of Israel as they prepare to enter the Land of Israel. It is frequently noted that material found in Devarim repeats, sometimes verbatim (or almost verbatim) material found...


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