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Yamim Noraim / High Holidays

My video divrei Torah on Yomin Noraim by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

High Holiday readings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W7vgk80Fpw

Yom Kippur 5769: "Eyes on the Prize"

© Rabbi Menachem Creditor Last night I had a dream about a home that was so bright. I don't know why it had to be a dream. Why can't I? Where will I? God help me. Help me find a home. Keep your eyes on the prize. Don't be dismayed, don't be dismayed. Deep in your heart you must believe...

Use a shofar to fix wake up call problems

A NYT story this week about hotel alarm wake up calls problems-calls don't come, alarm clocks too complicated. Causes big problems for business travelers. Hotels are changing their method. Rabbi Reflects: The SHOFAR Ram's Horn is our wake up call (as Maimonides/Rambam states) Miss it and big...

Internet confession or Rambam's way?

Web master, for I have sinned By Stephanie Simon | Tribune Newspapers: Los Angeles Times September 2, 2007 - In the hush of a warm afternoon, Rev. Larry Solan waits for sinners. The veteran priest sets aside a half-hour every Saturday to hear the failings of his flock at St. Mark Catholic...

Things I overheard while talking to Myself."

In Parade mag. After nearly dying in 2003, Alan Alda decided to take stock oh his life. The result is Things I overheard while talking to Myself." High Holidays for Jews is time to overhear things while talking to ourselves prompted by near death scenerio (Book of Life). email me at...

Selihote-out so late but only once a year

Yesterday's Chicago Sun-Times had series of sad stories about crimes in the cities bad neighborhoods-shootings, carjacking, robberies. Then I noticed the time of the crimes 2:30 am , 3 am etc. My 92 year old mother-in-law always said to my wife when she was a teen "nothing good happens after...

Anyone need change?

I am President of the Niles Township Clergy Association. We had a goodbye breakfast for4 retiring Christian colleague. When it cam, time to pay the bill, the waitperson said "anyone need change." Normally, nothing special. But a few days before our penitential payer service selihote, it added extra...

Travels and chronicling

Travels and chronicling Two interesting travel stories in the paper. A column about a man who decided, as a teen, to take a cross country road trip to visit a friend who had done something dumb and was in jail across the country. he go together the $100 for the bus fare. He cites Jack Kerouac's...

Earth may outlast sun-our souls outlast our bodies

Astronomers say Earth could survive sun's demise International team finds similar planet that outlasted its star's change into a red giant BY DENNIS OVERBYE New York Times Article Launched: 09/13/2007 12:01:00 AM CDT There is new hope that Earth, if not the life on it, might survive an...

Rather scapegoated? Yom Kippur has the real scapegoat

Rather lawsuit says he was 'scapegoat' Rather lawsuit says he was 'scapegoat' Lev. 16 Torah reading Yom Kippur day describes original Yom Kippur where High Priest took goat and made "escape goat" into wilderness with one and sacrificed other, carrying the sins of Israel cathartically...


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